How to Market a Security Guard Company


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How Do You Market A Security Company?

Over the years we’ve trained with and tested hundreds of Internet Marketing Strategies that work for Security Guard Companies – Now, we know what works and what doesn’t and We can help you too! …

How Do Security Companies Get Clients in 2022?

It’s Simple: Online! One of the best ways to get clients is They find you online.

Lead Gen for security companies (The process of getting Live leads from people looking for you right now~ Lead Gen) 
Imagine you needed Private Security in Richmond, Virginia. How would you find them? Would you call everyone on your phone and see if they could recommend a security company? (word of mouth?) Or would you Google it? 

Online Lead generation is like a salesperson who works 24 hours a day, seven days a week for you. 
But it’s not as simple as putting up a Security Guard website and adding a few testimonials. You need to target the cities you are in and the services you offer. Your site should be a Lead Gen Magnet for your Business.  

How to win more Security Contracts


Internet Marketing for a Security Guard Company Can Be Overwhelming.  The Good News Is, It’s ALL We Do..

10 Steps to Get Leads for Your Security Company this week!

  1. Optimize your site with search engine optimization (SEO)
  2. Use Local pay-per-click (PPC) And a dedicated landing page to reach a more targeted audience.
  3. Set up a “Price Quote Page” to Automatically text you when you get a lead.
  4. Connect with people on social media.
  5. Get people interested in your business with PPC SEO and content marketing.
  6. Create City/Service Pages for ALL the cities you operate in. CLICK To See More Tips

How Can A Security Company Increase Sales?

We know how to Market a Security Company. We’ve personally invested over $36,000 (since 2018) just in our Google Ads, SEO, Social Media, and Digital Marketing Training. – I continue regular weekly training with my teams to hone our skills and keep abreast of industry changes. Thus keeping our skills sharp and up to date. Call us today if you Need Leads For A Security Company.

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Marketing a Security Company
Security Marketing
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Why Work With Us?




We Are 100% American-Made. 

All our services are offered in-house and are integrated to exceed your business requirements. Security Guard Marketing Can Be Overwhelming.
The Good News Is, It’s All We Do.

PPC Certified


We Know Security. It’s our Business. I’m a former Police Officer, Captain, and Combat Veteran. (Air Force Special Operations) And also an ASIS Member in good standing. We eat sleep and breathe Security!


Starting at About the Price of a Regular Armed Guard. Our Services are attainable even for Startup Security Companies. In fact, We Welcome You!

How to win more Security Contracts
Digital Marketing Certified


We Reverse-Engineered The Big Security Company’s methods. We know what works and can replicate their success.


We are Google Ads Certified and a Google Partner. 

More than 10 years working in SEO.  THIS SECURITY MARKETING PROGRAM is made for you. No Guessing if It’s Gonna Work. It Does!

Matt from Webmatic247 has been wonderful to work with. They got our security guard company on page one of Google in virtually every single City in our State. If you own a security guard company. You had better call Matt cuz he does security guard marketing very well.  That's what they do... A+++
woman Security Guard owner
Stacey K
CFO, Security Link Patrol
A huge thank you to Webmatic247 and Matt for the amazing SEO work from the start. We will continue to use you for many years to come! Thank you again!
Security Guard Leads 3
Thomas D Owner
Bluecord International, Inc.
We were invisible! We hired Matt from Webmaic247 to do SEO and Video Marketing for our Security Company. His attention to detail and ability to get us on page 1 so fast in the DC area amazed us. No one else could do it. But Webmatic247 did! We are consistently in the top ranking spots for our Security Services. I always ask customers how they found us, and they always "Say Online!" If he calls you, listen to what he says! It's GOLD~! A+ Thank You Webmatic247
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CEO Arrow Security DC
Phones are ringing; We've gotten over 350 Leads this past year! And customers often tell me they found us online.  Before I hired Webmatic247 to do our SEO, we were invisible online. Other SEO companies probably meant well but just couldn’t get the job done. Let’s be honest; not many people even knew Patriot Services Group existed online. They Know Now!  I couldn’t be happier!
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Bill Prosser
CEO, Patriot Services Group inc.
Matt has always delivered more than is expected. He did digital marketing for my Security Firm and SEO for my Security Gear eCommerce website and has been a valuable business asset. His business skills go far beyond marketing.  
Security Guard Leads 6
Bernie Major
Owner, Spear Group Security

The ultimate way to Market a Security Company and get it visible Fast! GEO-VIDS Allows Hundreds of Videos To Target the Cities and Services Your Security Guard Company operates in. 

Our Expanded Local SEO is ideal for Security Firms who need to generate high online visibility by targeting All the Cities and States they service.

Google Ads is the most effective For HOT Exclusive LEADS.

Lead generation: “Often referred to as “lead gen” is the 24/7 Money Maker for Security Firms 

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