Google On Lazy Loading Scroll Events For Search – Very Interesting…

Last night, John Mueller did a hangout at the GooglePlex and Martin Splitt from the Webmaster Trends Analyst team was with him who was able to answer some really technical JavaScript questions. This one was about lazy loading scroll events and how Google handles them. With it, he brought up on topics on GoogleBot scrolling […]

Bing Ads API Version 11 Goes Aways Today

Bing sent out a final reminder this morning that today is the last day you can use version 11 of the Bing Ads API. You need to migrate to version 12 if you want to still use the Bing Ads API, version 11 will not work tomorrow. Bing posted this notice on Twitter: A final […]

Google My Business Adds Setting For Google Assistant Calls Over Duplex

We know that Google is now going to be letting customers use Google Assistant’s duplex technology to book appointments or make reservations on their behalf. With that, Michael Wallace posted on Twitter that one of his customers has a new section to enable or disable the ability for Google Assistant to call you to make […]

Halloween Logos From The Search Industry In 2018

We showed you the first ever multiplayer Google Doodle for Halloween from Google yesterday and Bing’s bat home page. But today, while Google’s game Doodle is still live, Bing swapped their home page out to show you scary movie clips. Sogou posted their Halloween logo, we have our theme up as well. Here are the […]

Googler With Scary Mask At Google Dublin

Here is a video from a Googler named Anne Christine Lorenzen at the Google Dublin office wearing one of those scary masks. She posted this video, I think she is also holding a knife. Looks scary to me – I’d stay away. She posted this on Instagram. This post is part of our daily Search […]