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8 Marketing Tips for New Security Guard Companies 2022

Apr 1, 2022 | Marketing Tips | 1 comment

Show up In All The Cities You Service.

How to Market a Security Guard Company

Eight Marketing Strategies to Market Security Businesses: How to Get Your Business Noticed


Web Marketing is the best way to market your security company. These eight marketing techniques are inexpensive. Here are some ways to get your company noticed. Even if your business is new. It doesn’t matter whether you’re starting a New Security Company or have been in the Security Guard Industry for a while.


Marketing professionals are rare among business owners. You likely didn’t start your Security company with your primary skill being marketing. However, it doesn’t mean you have to be to learn how to drive new business. What’s more? You can spend a lot of marketing dollars.

Here are eight simple marketing techniques that are free or very affordable. You can learn more about effective marketing strategies for your business with a limited budget.


1. How to get your company noticed

If If you want to market your services, branding is essential. Branding doesn’t have to be limited to corporate giants such as Burger King or Coca-Cola. Branding

should be the focus of every business, regardless of size. Your brand is what differentiates you from your competitors. It allows you to identify your business type, the benefits you bring to security, and how you can target your ideal customers. It is worth taking the time to understand your business, what it represents, and what makes you stand out from your competitors. You should then ensure everything is consistent with your brand, from your website and logo to your phone answering system, your security team behavior, and your business’s overall image.

2. Read Reviews

You can get free marketing assistance from your customers if you ask them for their reviews. Reviews can build trust and loyalty that is unmatched by any marketing effort. 

majority of people trust online reviews, more than 85%. Respondents were asked 68% to leave reviews. A testimonial page can be created on your website. Then, you can send an email to customers with a link back to your page or Google Business Listing, asking them to leave their reviews. Don’t offer anything in exchange for clients. They will be suspicious if you offer them anything in return. Instead, thank them and ask for a review. Make sure to comment on any negative reviews, especially negative ones. Transparency builds trust, even if you’ve made an error. You can use negative reviews to

improve the business. Make sure to apologize and convey your desire for them to be happier. Even if you are furious at the review, try to take the higher road. Just thank them.

3. Claim Your Google Business Listing

If you want to learn more about marketing services, claim your Google Business listing. It’s simple, and it’s completely free. Search engines and customers will be able to locate you easier by claiming your listing.

List your contact information, address, and website. You can add photos to your blog and share them on Google.

4. Start a Blog

Many people want to learn how to market services that not everyone is familiar with. Sometimes people don’t know how to benefit from your services. Your customers can answer their questions by starting a blog. Write an article. Blogs can help you become an expert in your field.

At least two to three blog posts should be written each month. Although they don’t need to be very long, keywords are essential for search engines and other people to find your website. It is good to prepare at least one month’s worth of blog posts before starting your first post. Social media widgets can make sure that your blog is easy to share. ShareThis.com teaches you how to add social media widgets. Make sure you share your blog on social networks to increase its visibility.

5. Get Involved Locally

Marketing with a small budget is not always possible. It is vital to get to understand your community. Get involved in your local community. Sponsor an event or a sports team in your community. Invite your neighbors to attend your event. Get connected to your local chamber of

Commerce to keep abreast of events and business-to-business gatherings. You can use your blog to highlight local businesses.

Join a local network group. Businesses that give back to the community are more popular these days. Be sure to be one of those businesses.

6. Raise Your Prices

WHAT??!! OK.. This one isn’t so much about how to market your services, but rather how to make more money. You can do this by increasing your prices.

You should also make sure that customers feel they get more for their money. You could also bundle services and offer specific discounts to target new customers. Be careful not to raise prices too fast or too high. Be sure to plan how to deal with unhappy customers.

7. Subscribe to HARO

HARO allows you to market with a small budget efficiently. HARO is for Help a Reporter Out. This service will be sent to your Email three times per day, each working day. The United States has approximately 20 to 40 journalists and reporters looking for experts in this field. It’s an excellent opportunity to earn free public relations. You have the chance to be nationally exposed, and you need to answer the reporter’s questions.

You can either sign up for a paid subscription or a free one.

8. Ask your customers for referrals

As you ask customers to leave Google reviews, they may also be open to referring others. Many companies have referral policies. You can discount a customer who refers another customer to your service.

You will not get anything if your customer doesn’t ask. However, some people won’t recommend you to others, many will. Keep Learning It

is not always easy to figure out how to get your company noticed. Learning new skills takes patience and time. We can help. This blog has great articles to help you run your security company efficiently. Keep checking out our blog for the most recent articles. 

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