How to Market a Security Guard Company
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How to win more Security Contracts


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Why Should The Larger Security Companies Get All The Leads and Calls? Why Not You?



My clients have squashed some of the most prominent names in the Security Industry.

I can help you Get Exclusive Leads.

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Folks, my name is Matt Johnson – I own


We are an SEO and Lead Gen Security Marketing Firm that is dedicated to Getting Leads and New Business for American Security Companies.

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Why do Lead Gen and SEO Marketing with us?

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1. We Specialize in Marketing for Security Guard Companies.

2. We Only Work With Security Companies.

3. We Have Proven Results.

4. Our Service is Affordable: About the Price, You’d Pay For a Regular Armed Guard.

5. Over Ten Years To Perfect. So, No Guessing If It Might Work. It does!

6. We Reverse-Engineered What The Big Security Companies are Doing and Created a Security Marketing Program To Get Your Business In Front Of Customers Who Want Your Services.


What would it be like, if, every few days, You got a Text Message and an Email from someone who just found you online and requested info about your Security Services?

They give you Their Name – Phone Number -and Email -And Expect you to call them! 


Do you think you would be able to close more deals this month if that happened?

How would that help your business if you could do that every month? 

Fill Out The Form Above. 

Some of the strategies we use include:

🔹City/Service SEO Page creation

🔹Optimized Google Ads for Lead Gen

🔹Re Target Marketing

🔹Google Business Local SEO

🔹Funnel Systems

🔹Video Marketing – GEO-VIDS



Don’t Be Fooled!

It’s NOT The Cookie Cutter Fluff the other guys are spewing…

This Custom marketing process is different and specific to each Security Guard company. 


SIDE NOTE:   I NEVER WORK WITH COMPETITORS IN THE SAME SERVICE AREAS. Other companies might not care about that, but I do.

They just want your money. I want your Success.


Over the years, I’ve been able to test hundreds of Internet Marketing Strategies. We have found the ones that work best for the Security Industry.

Not A Guessing Game like the others try~


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Also: When You Call: You Speak Directly To The Owner, Me. Not a powerless rep on a telephone tree or someone in another country. You know what I’m saying…

You talk to me personally. PS Fair Warning, I have a Boston Accent even though I live in Virginia~ Y’all.


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On the Personal side: I took an oath to protect my country.

I served ten years in the US Air Force – Special Operations Command. It’s still a driving force in me today.  Along with my Military career, I was also an Auxiliary Police Officer in Boston, Ma (Lic Special Police Officer) with 75 other SPOs under my command as Captain – and I am currently an acting Chief Technical Officer and Operations Manager in the Security Industry.  (For one of my Clients)


While still serving: I obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science. I learned the value of an education and how powerful it is always to be learning.

Additionally, I minored in Online Marketing. and hold many Technology Certifications.  To include a Professional SEO Certification from WEB CEO. (With Honors) But I’m not a Geek. Even though I’ve been known to Geek out on all things Security and Marketing related… 



“I know this industry intimately.” 

Again, “We’re Not Geeks,” But we make it our business to understand and stay informed of our industry and yours. My team and I are 100% Google Compliant

No Black Hat tricks EVER!  We stay abreast of Search Engines, Google AdWords, and Facebook Algorithm changes daily. We subscribe to many Security-related and Technology Industry Publications to help keep our skills sharp.


Oh Man, We ARE GEEKS~!~


– “I consider it my Duty and Obligation to Help My Client’s Security Guard Companies Become More Successful Than Ever Before. – If you allow me to roll up my sleeves and go to work for you, I promise I won’t let you down!” 



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