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Setting up hundreds of ads- Keyword Research Figuring out Ad Groups and the correct types of Ads is Hard.  Let us Manage your PPC Marketing.

Because You Need Your Phones To Ring!

Proven Ad Campaigns Strategies for the Security Guard Industry.  “We’re Not guessing – like the other guys!”  We’ve actually done it! 

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🔥🔥We Take Care of The Complicated PPC Advertising for you. We build the ads, Do the Keyword Research, Setup and Connect the Landing Pages, Install Google Conversion Tracking. So you can focus on the Phone Calls and new Leads. Just Like the Big Security Firms Do!..

Real CLIENT UPDATE: On April 28, 2022, I was notified by a client of ours who has only been doing PPC with us for three weeks: They CLOSED a Security Lead deal worth $300,000 –  Check-in hand!  They got four other leads as well. 

If you own a Security Company, then you know how competitive it is… You know that you must be present to win leads and contracts.  Webmatic247 has that winning strategy. The BIG Security Companies do this ALL THE TIME. now You Can Too!

That’s why they are winning the lion’s share of Security Contracts – and You Aren’t. (Yet)

Lots of Security Leads

Marketing Tip: 🔥🔥HOT LEADS Go Cold Fast🥶🥶

55% of Companies Take 5+ Days to Respond to a new lead. It’s a little better in the Security Industry, 2 days is how long (most) Security companies take to call back a lead.

If you own a Security Company then you know how competitive it is… The key to winning new security contracts is calling prospects back moments after they fill out your Security Quote Form.  The BIG Security Companies do this ALL THE TIME.

That’s why they are winning the lion’s share of Security Contracts – and You Aren’t.

78% of Customers Buy From The First Security Company Who Responds

According to a study by Lead Connect, 78% of customers buy from the 1st company that responds to their inquiry. That’s how Strong the consequences can be in taking even a few extra minutes to make a cup of coffee before you reach out to your new lead. 

True Story:

The other day, I noticed a client received a NEW LEAD almost an hour prior, but still hadn’t responded to it??  

More than 2 hours passed before he called, and you guessed right…VOICE MAIL! – He couldn’t reach the lead.

I then told him “Call again it is likely they aren’t expecting a call now- So they probably ignored it…


I was shocked when he told me “I NEVER call a lead more than once! if they can’t answer my call then I’m not gonna waste my time.” 

I was like “WTHK?” (except I didn’t say heck)  

To my surprise, 2 hours later, he did call them again… He did reach the contact.

The prospect was irritated, to say the least… 

The alarming thing to me was… The prospect told him, “called 8 other Security Firms today- Only 2 called back! 

My guy was the last one he called. The 1st security company said they would have to call back tomorrow to give pricing..  (He lucked out for sure) It looks like they will use his Security Services after all.) But that was a risky move not to call them ASAP.


The Perfect Addition to PPC

SEO Tips for Security Companies


Being the 4th or 8th person to call a lead means It’s No Longer a Hot Lead!

1. We will Build and Install on your website: a Custom “Security Guard Request A Quote” Page complete with a Form that captures your prospect’s Name, Email, Phone #, and Desired Security Services. So you will be informed of their needs when you call them. This will be automatically connected to a Mailchimp account that can be used later for email marketing as well.

2. Next Step is cool… It’s the AI: We will Design a Custom AI Automation Routine using Zapier Automation to connect all the pieces together and Instantly send you or someone on your team a Text Message to your mobile device along with an Email both containing all the Contact Information provided. So you won’t miss any more sales leads.

3. An Extra Pair of Eyes on your business – I always monitor leads for my clients. I work with you and your team to help you stay focused on your Leads.

You’re NOT Most Security Guard companies…  You Already Know: If you call them back when they are🔥 thinking about you- They will likely answer. Then you’ll have a good chance of them buying from you! 


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