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So, my wife and I were at lunch today when a large Biker-looking guy approached us. He said:

“I saw the Webmatic247 on your shirt and Googled it

Then told me, he saw MY picture on the website & knew I was the same guy…

Instantly I got nervous…

Turns out he owns a new Bodyguard Company in Richmond VA.

He told me they were struggling to get clients because he didn’t show up in Google much. I invited him to sit down and asked if he would share his website. 

It was a nice-looking site. He and his team looked professional. They had the website built about 8 months ago. But, I noticed NONE of the pages Targeted any Local areas. It just said (company name withheld) Bodyguard Service” in big letters

It was poorly SEOed.  Which is often the case. Most designers go for looks, not SEO.

ME: Do You Only Do Bodyguard Services in Richmond? 

Guy ” NO!  We Go All Over The Richmond Metro Area” …

I pointed to my shirt: 👉 Our motto is: “Be visible in every city you operate in”

I shared my method. Overall there were a lot more moving parts to our conversation. The tips I offered were how to Market a Security Guard Company (Or in his  case a Bodyguard Company )

I told him what I would do if I were him: It went something like this:

Make a City/Services web page on your website. i.e. A Webpage For Every City and Service Your Bodyguard Company Operates In.

So, if you’re company offered Armed Security, Retail Security, and maybe Event Security– and let’s pretend your company was in the Dallas Texas area: 

You would want a separate web page for every Service and City in your area (targeting that service and city).

EXAMPLES: Have a page each for…

Armed Security Dallas Tx

Armed Security Plano Tx

Armed Security Addison Tx

Retail Security Guard Company Dallas Tx

Retail Security Guard Company Plano Tx

Retail Security Guard Company Addison Tx

Event Security Guard Company Dallas Tx

Event Security Guard Company Plano Tx

Event Security Guard Company Addison Tx

and so on…


FOR 10 YEARS This has been one of my most POWERFUL methods. 
It’s worked for hundreds of the Mega Security Guard Companies and it Will work for you too.  The same method would work for Bodyguard Companies or any type of company that needs to be visible in more than just the city their business lives in.


He was blown away and thanked me profusely then asked if maybe we could talk about him becoming a client… We swapped numbers and I will send him a proposal today.

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