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Save Money By Knowing Your Keyword Types In Google Ads

Apr 30, 2022 | Marketing Tips | 1 comment

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Save Money By Knowing Your Keyword Types In Google Ads 1

  • Do You know Types of Keywords in Google Ads?

Broad Match Keywords

Phrase Match Keywords

Exact Match Keywords

Negative Match Keywords

Save Money By Knowing Your Keyword Types In Google Ads 2

Keywords in PPC can Cost You $$$ if Done Wrong?

In general, the more people want to bid on a certain keyword In general, the higher the bid price for that keyword will be

It is best to start with low to medium-cost keywords. This will still give a lot of exposure, so you can still test out your campaigns without breaking the budget. 

Keyword match types settings

Keyword match type is important because it helps you manage which searches can trigger your ads to show.

There are four You need to Know About.

Broad Match:

This setting is the default setting and has the potential to COST YOU A LOT OF $$$ fasts! This option shows your ad for any searches containing your keywords in any order and related terms. This setting offers your ad in the widest variety of searches. Sound Good Right? I Mean You WANT to show up as much as possible Right? Well Yeah, but for Keywords that matter for my business. No one is going to buy my security Services in Dallas if They think they are searching for Computer Security Key Windows…. RIGHT??

Here’s an Example: So say you have a keyword phrase of “Construction Site Security.” You could potentially show up for any phrase with those words in it. Construction schools – Or Armed refugees or construction adhesive. You can see those phrases mean nothing for your business, but if your ad was click from one of those phrases because of your match type settings Well Then, you would have to paid for the click –

Phrase Match:

This option lets your ad come up if someone’s search contains your exact keyword, or for searches that have your exact keyword plus words before or after it. (i.e. if your keyword is “computer repair” you might also show up for “best computer repair” or “computer repair near me.”) 

To choose this option, you should add “quotation marks” around any keywords, i.e. “Bodyguard Services”.

Exact Match:

When you select an exact match, your ad will only show up for searches with the exact word or phrase you choose. 

For this option, you should put brackets around your keyword, i.e.: [Armed Guards Dallas].

Negative Match:

The negative match setting enables you to exclude undesirable words or phrases which could make your ad show up. This way you avoid irrelevant traffic.  For instance, if you provide a computer repair service, and you want to avoid traffic that was looking for free repair or at a cheap price, you can select “free” or “cheap” in your negative match settings.  This way if someone searches for free computer repair or cheap computer repair, your ad won’t show up.


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