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Marketing A Security Guard Company Can Be Overwhelming.

The Good News is… That’s All We Do.. 

Our SERVICES For Security Companies


GEO-VIDS Video Marketing

GEO-VIDS Allows Hundreds of Videos To Target the Cities and Services Your Security Guard Company operates in.

Videos That Show Up On Page 1 of Google – Are Powerful Introducing GEO-VIDS Video Marketing Service for Security Firms

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GEO-VIDS Service is a very unique and powerful Video Marketing Service for Security Firms  In-fact. I’m the inventor of the GEO-VIDS software technology that allows for Hundreds of Videos to target The Cities and Services your business operates in.

Your company will stand out from the crowd when your Videos show up in a Regular Google search for Hundreds of phrases. THAT’s POWERFUL!

Videos that show in a Google Search are clicked 40X MORE than regular text in search results! (Source: ReelSEOWouldn’t you like that to be your business?  CLICK HERE to learn More About GEO-VIDS 

Request a Quote - Lead Automation

Your website in most cases will serve as the first point of contact with a potential new client. Having a quote Page on your site (along with a few client testimonials) is a great start.

But key to winning is: After they submit a quote-How you get Notified? 

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Services 1

When a person fills out the form, for a quote, they want to get answered ASAP!

In most cases, they will wait a moment or 2.  Then move on to your competition.

True Stoy: Today, I called a client of mine: Whom I noticed had received a NEW Lead.

He was slow in responding and you guessed it: He couldn’t reach the lead.

An hour later he was able to reach the lead contact (He luckedout and it looks like they will use his Security Services.)

But the alarming thing for me was, The customer told him, he had called 8 other Security firms. Only 2 called back that day.


If customers are expecting immediate response do you think the will wait?

Probably NO….

“In fact, a recent study shows that your chances of reaching a New Lead  Drops by 80% after the 1st 5 minutes.  “

We will build a Custom Request a Quote form using MailChimp and set up Zappier Automation to sent Email and Text Message directly to your phone. So, you won’t miss leads…



Done-For-You: We handle all the scheduling and posting on your local Google listings, you don’t have to lift a finger.

The package includes 16 posts per month! – 4 posts per week Of the 16 posts per month they are broken down into four types of posts. ( Click Learn More to See.)

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Services 21. REVIEW POSTS

Your client has probably had some terrific reviews lately on social media sites or places like Yelp or Google. Why not maximize these reviews and spread the word of how awesome your clients are? Through our posts, we can highlight the positive reviews even more! 

Services 32. SERVICE POSTS

Directing traffic to service pages is an excellent way not only to link build but also get the word out on what the business offers.

With GMB service posts we will spotlight the service with a persuasive sales copy and link to their website, generating a targeted audience that is already interested in what your clients are offering. With the addition of the call to actions, you gain even more opportunities to sell.


Do you need to boost sales for your client in their specific location? Welcome to the city/location posts of GMB.

We use locally targeted keywords to enhance your customer’s dominance in their area and help establish more relevancy for the city.

Posts are usually about events, businesses, and attractions that allure readers, but also give relevance. 

Services 54. BLOG POSTS

If your client has an exciting new blog that offers authoritative insight into their business, GMB posts are great for generating more exposure to their blog.

Our service will take a snippet of the post, highlighting an interesting portion that a viewer will want to continue to read. The beauty here is they must click the link to keep reading. You can have it linked to wherever you need, for maximum effects.



NOTE: You Already Know Security is a Competitive Industy – That’s why Your Business should use Google My Business optimizing strategies and features like posts if they want to get an edge on their competition.”

If you are looking for enormous potential for keyword ranking and multiplying monthly leads, take advantage of our done-for-you GMB Premium Post Service.

Copywriting & Strategy

“Advertising is Easy – Marketing Takes Mental Effort”

Why do I say that?

Because Marketing isn’t just a pretty picture or a catchy phrase. It’s an entire “methodology of thought” Along with proper SEO

It gets to the emotional core of a person. Whether it’s through Sound, Video, Color or Written Word the process is always the same and very repeatable (like Blue’s Clues)

We’re older now, but we still thrive on Repetition~ This is where our years of Persuasive Sales Writing and Fancy Degrees in Computer Science and Physiology come in handy- we can help you craft a compelling message that speaks to your audience.

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Through proven content outlines we can help you craft the right message for your audience. Doesn’t matter if it’s writing for your site or for ads we will use our Tools, Expertise and Huge Network of Influential Marketers to brainstorm the perfect content for you. 

NOTE: Hi Folks This is Matt, I wanted you to know how Serious I take this.. I’ve personalty Invested more than $17,000 in the past two years (2019/2020) to be connected to and learn from some of the best minds in Sales, Ad copy, Web Conversion, and Marketing.

I believe in being around top professionals They help me bring up my game to an epic level compared to my competition Who maybe just a year ago were wedding photographers now they think they’re EXPERTS~ . (Happens more than you realize)  

Local Google Search Optimization 10x

This is NOT your Regular Local SEO: This service is specifically designed for Security Firms who need to generate high online visibility by targeting the Cities, And Services They Operate in.  Think “National SEO but with a Local Focus” 

This Service includes: Advanced on page optimization, locally relevant content writing and page creation,  local citation building and social media sharing and posting. It’s Very Powerful!

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  • Local SEO for 1 GEO Location (city)
  • Target 25 total Keywords
  • Google My Business Set up.
  • Website Content Writing
  • Informational Content Social Sharing
  • Press Release Writing & Distribution
  • Customer Ranking dashboard.
  • Dedicated SEO Manager
  • Monthly Citation/ Directory Building

Google My Business Foundation

The one-stop service for your GMB optimization needs. 4 phase service delivers skilled Google My Business optimization in 28 days.

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Services 6Auditing and fixing GMB particulars such as hours, opening date, categories, NAP, duplicate listings, etc…

Services 7Competitive research, service areas, and descriptions.

Services 8Review responses, photos, and the GMB website itself.

Services 9The last phase is optional. It’s our GMB Premium Post service! Review, city, and service-specific posts.

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To be successful on social media you need to post a nonstop stream of relevant content and engage with customers across all social channels, for each of your clients.

We make it possible for businesses to generate leads, schedule ready-to-publish content, and collaborate with your clients all from one place. Our social media marketing makes managing social media simple.

  • Access to proprietary social media dashboard
  •  Account setup and management on Any 3 of these social networks:
  • 36 posts per month on the selected social network categorized as:
  • Weekly Social Media status reports
  • Monthly Social Media performance reports
  • Call, chat and email support with professional support team.

Social Media Management

Ideal for Security Guard Companies who want to interact with their fans personally and build brand awareness. Includes account setup, monitoring and content posting on Any 3 of these social networking sites – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram. Includes 36 posts per month and full access to proprietary social media dashboard. No setup fees. Cancel anytime

Email/ Messenger Marketing

Many Security Firms are working harder than ever to stay connected with customers and prospects.  Nowa days there are multiple channels your customers use other than a contact form.   Let us set that up for you.  Its about increasing your service to your customers. 

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Services 10

Services 11

Facebook Messenger Bots have been proven to help build communities, grow engagement, help answer questions and qualify leads.

We integrate Manychat and MailChimp: ManyChat + MailChimp integration allows you to add or update a subscriber to MailChimp to one of the existing lists.

Pay Per Click Lead Generation

PPC is Very Effective For HOT LEADS in the Security Industry. 

Online Lead generation (often referred to as “lead gen”) is the 24/7 Money Maker for businesses that can’t or won’t do business with just anyone.

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“If You got 1-5 New Contracts Each Month, How much would that be worth to your Security Firm?”

Using The Google Ad-Words platform, We create an ad campaign that targets your Geographic area of service. We customized the ad services to get in front of Prospects who are already looking for Security Guard Services.

We Set up and Implement Mail Chimp (Or work w your existing email marketing service) to track your New Prospects giving you the ability to RE-Market Back to them!

Here, we also Create a Branded Landing page with your Logo and Information so folks will be able to Call You direct or give their information for you to Call Them ASAP..    “THIS IS A HOT LEAD!” 

But Don’t worry! You’ll Get Notified Immediately!

We set up Automation that immediately Emails and Texts YOU all the LEAD INFORMATION  ( So you can call them ASAP)

Each lead will contain NAME- EMAIL- PHONE NUMBER of the person who just requested your services.  

Additionally, (if you desire)  we can Automate it so your prospect automatically gets an email of your Service pricing or whatever information you want them to know before you call them back.

Leads are Precious – We Know Your NOT Gonna Let Those Leads Slip Through The Cracks!

-Officer Matt Out

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